Course info

The Metchosin Triathlon is sanctioned by Triathlon British Columbia and follows their rules as outlined here. Due to restrictions of municipal agreements and volunteer staffing, all participants in the adult Metchosin Triathlon must complete the course in 2 hours and 30 minutes.

Swim Course

  • If you are a nervous swimmer, please ask for a WHITE swim cap at race package pick-up. This is to ensure that you are extra visible to the lifeguards on the water.
  • If at any time during the swim you think you may require aid, stop and raise your arm to get the attention of the swim course safety team. You may hang on to one of the support boats if you need to. You will NOT be disqualified as long as the boat doesn’t provide propulsion. The boat staff will let you know if they intend to move you off the course.
  • If water temperature is above 22 C, wetsuits are not permitted. The water temperature and the decision on whether or not wet suits will be allowed will be announced by 6:30am race day.
  • Wetsuit gloves and booties are NOT permitted.

750m, single loop: The swim course consists of a single clockwise loop starting in waist deep water at the beach at Matheson Lake Park. The course continues around the small island and finishes back at the beach. Buoys will be situated along the swim course to facilitate sighting.

Bike Course

Note: The bike course is open to traffic, including Matheson Lake Road. Racers must be aware that vehicles may be on the bike course and must use caution whenever approaching another vehicle. Racers not obeying road rules or riding in a reckless manner will be disqualified.

Also note that race bibs (RoadID race number) are only required to be worn during the run portion of the race.

20 km, out-and-back: The bike course consists of a single out-and-back. Starting at the Matheson Lake Park parking lot, the course continues on Matheson Lake Road, right onto Rock Point Road, right onto East Sooke Rd. The course continues on East Sooke Rd until the turn around point, which is where Anderson Cove Rd meets East Sooke Rd.

Traffic marshals will be present at the intersections of: 1) Matheson Lake Rd and Rocky Point Rd, 2) Rocky Point Rd and East Sooke Rd, and 3) East Sooke Rd and Gillespie Road. Although traffic marshals will be present at these intersections, racers are advised to ride cautiously in the event that drivers do not obey the marshal.

Run Course

Race bibs (RoadID race number) must be worn on the front during the run portion of the race.

5km, out-and-back: The run course consists of a single out-and-back on the Galloping Goose Regional Trail. Athletes will exit transition at the north end of the Matheson Lake Park parking lot and continue along the small connector trail to the Galloping Goose. Athletes will turn left upon reaching the Galloping Goose and continue on to the adult run course turn around. The return leg of the run course is the reverse of the outgoing leg.

Aid Stations

There will be one aid station located approximately 1K after the run start. It will be stocked with water.


Relay team members will pass the timing chip from athlete to athlete as a baton. The timing chip must worn on your ankle and exchanged at the team bike rack (where the relay team member must wait for their team member to arrive). The timing chip cannot be passed between teammates unless the bike is still racked. Please also note that only the Runner on the relay team will need to wear the Race Bib (race number).